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PAIDA is pure Python scientific analysis package.
The main features are:
  • Pure Python!
    • Jython (Python in Java) OK!
  • AIDA (Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis) support
  • Creating/Plotting the histogram, ntuple, profile and cloud
  • Parameter optimization (Fitting)
    • you can constrain and/or fix parameters
    • parabolic and asymmetric error evaluation
    • various fitting methods are supported
      • including GA (Genetic Algorithm)
  • XML based storing
  • Matrix calculation


  • Python => Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. >> http://www.python.org/
  • AIDA => The goals of the AIDA project are to define abstract interfaces for common physics analysis objects. >> http://aida.freehep.org/
    • histogram
    • profile
    • cloud
    • ntuple
    • fitter
      • parameter optimization
      • parabolic and asymmetirc fitting error evaluation
    • function
    • XML based I/O (tree)

AIDA has already both C++ and Java implementations. Many analysis systems such as GEANT4, JAS3, OpenScientist, and Anaphe use AIDA.